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Flat Panel Display TV's - Interactive Touch Screen Displays Flat Panel Displays

Interactive touch screen displays engage your audience in the classroom or conference room and encourage collaboration. IFPD’s provide sharp, brilliant images and eliminate shadows and calibration associated with projected images. Sizes range from 40” to 86” with resolution up to 4K. Displays support up to 20 simultaneous points of touch and many models incorporate educational software and wireless connectivity.

Clear Touch Interactive Screens ViewSonic

An option for any budget is to use Flat Panel Televisions (without interactive capability) as a classroom display. Like the Interactive models, they offer superior picture quality, and their longevity makes them more cost-effective over the product lifetime compared to projectors.

LG Flat Panel

That is – provided they are commercial-grade models - not consumer-grade.

  • Superior image quality compared to projection technology
  • Commercial-grade products sold by Ward’s provide warranty protection several years longer than consumer models. Commercial TVs are only warranted for 90 days when used in a classroom or any public venue. Standard warranties for commercial-grade units are up to 5 years.
  • The most cost-effective option. When mounted on a mobile cart, a single unit can be used in rooms all over the campus.

LG Flat Panel
Innovative Flat Panel Solutions

Ward’s MediaTech is a proud vendor of LG televisions, flat panels and monitors. These products are all commercial grade, built with upgraded components to withstand daily use in a busy educational setting. LG displays are also ideal for campus or institutional signage applications.

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  • Flat and curved OLED Displays
  • TVs for Healthcare and Hospitality
  • Monitor and TV Accessories, Wall Mounts and more
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