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Boardroom and Conference Rooms
Boardrooms or conference rooms are more effective for sales presentations or staff trainings with a carefully planned out audiovisual presentation system designed to meet your particular purposes and budget.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Improved communications means more productive meetings.
  • Enhances the company image for both clients and staff.
  • Customized design can incorporate the company logo or message
  • Room control using a convenient touchpad makes it easy to use, even for complex systems
  • With proper design, the conference room or boardroom may be upgraded to integrate new technology – and there is always something new on the horizon!
Any workspace becomes more efficient with an installed audiovisual system. With a simple and cost-effective AV system, key staff, managers and executives won’t need to squint at the computer screen - all details are easy to see. Clients and prospects are impressed by a professional presentation in a more intimate environment.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • A more comfortable work space. An installed system provides easy viewing and listening.
  • Better productivity because of better comfort and ergonomics
  • Clients are impressed as are employees.
Training Rooms
Audiovisual installation is now considered standard for any teaching or training environment. Schools of all types, from K – 12 to higher education know that students learn better when they don’t have to strain to see the presentation or hear the presenter’s voice. The teacher/presenter feels more confident, so the quality of employee training improves significantly.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Presentations are easier to see and hear, so audience focus improves, along with audience engagement.
  • An installed system can have a single point of control, so the trainer/presenter can operate any part of the system with the touch of a finger.
  • Installations can accommodate multiple sources, so the trainer can utilize specialized learning tools like digital presenters, and guest presenters can bring their information on a USB drive and utilize the system.
An auditorium is a challenging presentation environment because the distance between speaker and audience reduces personal interaction. However, an auditorium with the right audiovisual system brings everyone closer. Large visual displays may be installed throughout the room so that every seat has a good view, and a properly-designed audio system makes it possible for everyone to hear perfectly.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Since audiences don’t strain to see and hear they can pay more attention to the message
  • Proper placement of speakers and microphones fosters better interaction between speaker and audience
  • It also avoids a common problem – vocal strain on the speaker
  • When fully equipped – audio, mics, visual displays, teaching software, lighting and a control system – your auditorium is transformed into a state-of-the-art venue for any kind of event: critical business presentations, large group events, movies – even public events.

Any office, training, board room or auditorium is enhanced by installing an audiovisual presentation system, and it’s critical that the system is designed to meet your particular needs and budget. There are many options to choose and factors to consider before purchasing any AV gear. We assist in the selection of different types of audio systems, type and placement of microphones, screens and room control systems. Ward’s takes the time to understand your business and gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our professional installers will then work to make sure everything looks good and functions properly.