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Interactive flat panels, or IFPs, have now become the new standard in classroom technology. Compared to classroom projectors, IFPs provide superior performance in most every respect. IFPs come in sizes from 40” to 86” and typically have 4K resolution. Interactivity provides up to 20 simultaneous points of touch, and many models incorporate educational software and wireless connectivity.

Clear Touch All Screen Sizes
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Greatly enhanced visual impact due to higher resolution and superior color saturation. Everything you see seems more lifelike and compelling, especially video.
  • More cost-effective vs. projectors. IFPs have an anticipated lifetime of up to 20 years. When you factor in an IFPs advantages in quality and longevity – along with the fact that prices have declined markedly as IFP technology has continually increased its market share - the value proposition becomes clear.
  • More software options. Most IFPs are open-architecture, i.e. designed to run both proprietary and third-party software. With the multiplicity of software available today, this is a critical feature.
  • More user-friendly. IFPs integrate separate technologies into a single unit, and are much easier for teachers to learn.
  • Ward’s makes it easy to have an on-site evaluation. In fact, we insist that you try it out for yourself, in your own space, with your own people, before making any decision on an IFP.

IFPs are one of the most important investments a school can make. It will be at the core of classroom presentations for many years. We want to help you make the most informed decision you can. Different schools and different budgets mean there is no single “best” choice for everyone. We want to help you decide what’s right for you.

Clear Touch Interactive Screens
Clear Touch All Screen Sizes
ClearTouch Interactive Flat Panels: The End of Classroom Projectors?

Interactive displays like ClearTouch are quickly replacing projectors as the new classroom standard. Why?

  • Lower TCO - Total Cost of Ownership – compared to projectors. Times have changed!
  • Much easier for teachers and students to use
  • Improved, multi-function software including features like 20 simultaneous point of touch, immediate access to mobile apps and software, mirroring and wireless connectivity.
  • Seamlessly integrates superior image quality and superior collaboration in a single unit.

Interactive Flat Panel Stand
Why it's so Important to Demo an IFP at Your School.

Every educator today faces the critical decision between IFPs and projectors. It’s a choice that will affect technology budgets and classroom outcomes for years to come. The best – and really, the only - way to make an informed decision is by comparing both technologies on-site.

Ward’s will bring a ClearTouch IFP to your school, set it up for you and train you on the basics, so you can perform the all-important due diligence needed to know what’s best for your particular needs.

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Need Installation?

Our experienced installation experts will handle all the details of installing, testing and troubleshooting your new technology. Call 888-852-8122 for details.