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If students can not understand the teacher, then class is pretty much over before it even begins. Voice amplification in the classroom allows every student, regardless of their position in the room, to hear equally, adding volume and increasing intelligibility. Studies have shown that enhancing classroom audio is directly linked to increased student engagement and improved educational outcomes. Find the perfect technology for you and your students to help them achieve success!

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Numerous studies have shown that speech intelligibility is absolutely essential to educational outcomes - especially in grades K – 5 and ESL, where students are less familiar with adult language.

Front Row Audio and speech
Key Features/Benefits:

Studies show that classroom speech intelligibility systems lead to consistently higher test scores and classroom outcomes.

The most common ailment among classroom teachers is voice fatigue.

Statistically, on any given school day, over 40% of kids in grades K – 4 have an ear infection.

It’s estimated that up to 35% of children referred to special learning environments suffer from hearing impairments – often related to ear infections – which is the apparent cause of their learning difficulties.

Front Row Audio and speech
Why audio and speech intelligibility is CRITICAL

A classroom system that improves audio and voice intelligibility is the most important technology for K – 5 and ESL. According to the landmark MARRS study (1978 – 1994) on the effects of speech intelligibility on classroom performance.

Other studies have shown that speech intelligibility technology can lead to 33% fewer referrals to special education and also reduce teacher sick days by up to 20%. Kids and teachers alike do better in classroom equipped with speech intelligibility systems.

Improvement for all students.

"Education benefits of improved classroom listening via amplification of the teacher’s voice have been repeatedly illustrated for thousands of students with normal hearing as well as those students with hearing loss."

Improvements in reading.

"..statistically significant gains in reading and language achievement test scores for K-12 students included in classrooms using amplification (students with and without hearing loss)."

Improved classroom management.

"Teachers using amplification report improved student attention, fewer distractions, and less need to repeat instructions. Classroom management is enhanced and discipline problems are diminished."

Juno Audio System
Juno Classroom Audio

FrontRow products are best-in-class, affordable and effective – for good reason. FrontRow has been a world leader in acoustic and audiological technology since 1963. Their systems are designed with a deep understanding of speech intelligibility, childhood development, evolving technology and real world usability. FrontRow classroom amplification systems can vastly improve a teacher’s clarity so that children hear every word clearly, no matter where they sit.

FrontRow products are very affordable, in fact, they’re the best investment a school can make. Fill out the form below for an on-site product demo of a FrontRow classroom system.

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