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Smart TVs and IFPs
Flat TVs provide 4K resolution for unsurpassed visual quality. With available options of interactive functionality and integrated videoconferencing, they are the new standard for business presentations. An interactive flat panel, or IFP, may be used as a writing surface, so you can annotate, create, and manipulate at the touch of a finger. IFPs come in sizes from 40” to 86” and typically have 4K resolution. Interactivity provides up to 20 simultaneous points of touch, and many models incorporate educational software and wireless connectivity.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Compelling visuals due to higher resolution and superior color saturation.
  • Most cost-effective, with an anticipated lifetime of 10 - 20 years.
  • Available IFP software provides enhanced functionality and finger-touch technology.
  • Optional videoconference capability is simple to add
  • Easy to learn and to use
  • Sizes up to 100” for larger rooms
  • On-site evaluation through Ward’s. In fact, before making a decision on an IFP, we insist that you try it out for yourself, in your own space, on your own time. It’s the only way to really know what’s best for your business.

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Projectors provide the widest range of display solutions. Low-cost models offer high-brightness, high resolution and increased lamp life.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Lowest entry cost (under $400.)
  • Widest range of options, from pocket projectors to concert-venue models
  • Flexibility and portability. Smaller models may be installed on the wall or ceiling, placed on a desk or table, even taken home for the weekend. Larger models may be hidden in the ceiling and lowered into the room for an elegant touch.

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Audio and Microphones
A successful meeting or presentation requires the right microphone and sound design. Every venue has unique audio characteristics, so it’s essential to know which mics and speakers will work best for both speakers and audience.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Wide range of microphones for every scenario. A presenter may wear a comfortable hands-free lavaliere or hand-held mic, and conference room settings may require table mics or even hanging mics.
  • Customizable by venue and budget. Audio speakers may be installed in wall or ceiling or set on top of a desk or table. Plus, our audio experts can design a customized system for any venue.
  • Digital technology significantly improves speech intelligibility so the presenter may talk in a natural tone while the audience catches every word.

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Room Control Systems
You can control every electronic function with a push of the finger on a touch-panel or push-panel. It makes things less stressful for a presenter, and it’s impressive to the audience. Moreover – you won’t have to worry about losing your remote!
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Simplifies anything a presenter wishes to do: power on the projector/microphone/electric screen and dim lighting – in one single touch. Or one-at-a-time.
  • Improved focus on the presentation because the technology remains behind the scene.
  • A wide range of prices and options. Control is often less expensive and more cost-effective than you think.

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Digital Presenters
Also called “document cameras,” these small, handy devices enable you to incorporate last-minute items and even physical objects into a presentation in high resolution detail, which is why they are so widely used in legal presentations and courthouses. Digital presenters can magnify images up to 100x so the smallest details can be seen by all participants. Perfect for scientific detail or simply to show a document without having to scan it. They connect with a projector or IFP and come with a variety of useful features.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Enables live presentations of critical information that’s unavailable on a computer.
  • Records and preserves your presentation, including audio.
  • High-powered magnification and high resolution so meeting participants can observe critical details.
  • Digital Presenters are high quality, portable – and inexpensive.
  • As always – Ward’s will bring you a product demonstration to your place of business.

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The right furniture can maximize cost-effectiveness of an audiovisual system. We can mount your audiovisual system securely onto a cart so you may move your presentation from room to room. There’s room for a projector, audio system, computer, even files and miscellaneous gear. There are many configurations and options, so let us help you select from among the many brands and models. If you prefer to permanently mount an audiovisual system, we offer a range of choices for wall or ceiling. Wall mounted IFPs can be adjusted to different viewing angles. You can even mount your projector inside the ceiling to maintain the room’s appearance when the system is not being used.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Mobile carts are extremely cost-effective because they enable the use of expensive A/V systems in multiple rooms or even off-site venues.
  • Ergonomic AV furniture like the ClearTouch hydraulic stand adjust to accommodate each presenter. They may even be placed in horizontal position for use by multiple participants simultaneously.

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Gear Charging and Storage
Proper maintenance of company laptops and similar devices is critical for security and performance. Charging stations and storage racks ensure that your gear is always easy-to-find and ready-to-go. Charging and storage are available both as mobile carts or as convenient wall units. There are a lot of choices, and we can help you sort them out.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Conveniently mobile so you can put it where you want and move it when you want.
  • Wall storage lockers with multiple USB ports and powered compartments accommodate a range of devices in a single unit. You can mix and match.
  • Options for iPad or Chromebook, for laptop or tablet, in all kinds of handy configurations for all kinds of needs.

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A screen is not just a surface to project onto. A projection screen should match the size and aspect ratio* of the projected image. This actually improves image quality because it increases color saturation and increases audience focus on the projected image. If a screen is too large, too small or is not proportioned to fit the input resolution, it makes the projected image less vivid and the presentation less professional.

*The aspect ratio is the ratio of an image’s width to its height. For example, a square screen has a ratio of 1:1 since all sides are the same, while a movie theatre screen typically has a ratio of about 2.35:1, i.e. the length of the screen is 2.35 times the height. For best results, both the projector and screen should match the aspect ratio of the input device. In the case of computers, this is typically 16:10. Ward’s experts will be happy to discuss this important and often overlooked presentation detail.
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Electric screens may be raised or lowered at the touch of a finger.
  • Tensioned screens lie flat and will last for years and years.
  • Screens that are the correct size and aspect ratio signifcantly improve the projected image.

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