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Technology, Information and Training for Education and Business.

We sell the latest in projectors, televisions, classroom audio, interactive technology and other gear for schools, school districts and businesses. Choose one of the following options below.

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Try Before You Buy
Looking for classroom technology that's best for you? We can help you:

- Find the right stuff
- Purchase at the best price
- Get it working in the classroom
- Know what you're getting

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Audio/Visual Technology for Business

As businesses evolve into a global economy so do the needs to communicate and learn effectively. Video conferencing, large touch screen learning centers and more, help businesses work, train and communicate effectively.

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Technology Products We Sell

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Clear Touch
Hover Cam
Front Row
LG Electronics
Peerless AV
Elite Screens
Newfangled Technology. Old-Fashioned Service.

We provide not only the right technology solution but the knowledge and expertise that go with it. It's not enough to simply buy the newest audio visual touch screen or high-tech projector. You need someone who can demonstrate dozens of real-world applications, install it properly and train your staff. Ward's Media Tech has been in the industry since 1941 and we've proven time and time again our expertise and staying power in the industry.

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